The Polish coast witnessed many sinking ships and warships. These sinkings were associated with war operations but many vessels also sank as a result of collisions or severe storms.

It is estimated that between 10,000 and 100,000 shipwrecks lie at the bottom of the Baltic Sea! Many of these are poorly documented. Many of them are still waiting to be discovered….

Thanks to the unique environmental conditions, waters of the Baltic Sea perfectly preserve wood. As a result, even the oldest wrecks lying at the bottom of our sea are still in an excellent state.

Baltic Wreck Week:

We plan for a week of wreck diving at recreational level (up to 30m) addressed to all GUE divers.


Interesting dives !

Sometimes even a block, which at first glance can hardly be associated with a sunken ship, turns out to be a historical monument full of interesting details. The Baltic Sea is a challenging environment, but the joy and satisfaction of exploring local wrecks and a rough ecosystem rewards every dive with a proper thrill.

Our task on this trip is to provide you with all what’s nessecary to safely dive the Baltic wrecks and learn about their details and history.

Wreck diving in the Baltic Sea is an ideal opportunity to train and improve skills, for example situational awareness, kicks, teamwork, communication and navigation.


We plan for about 10 dives during 5 dive days over the week of 15-21 July 2024. Maximum depth: 30m.

We take off in the Bay of Gdansk. On the same day we arrive the port of Władysławowo to continue our dives in the open sea.

  • Main objective: fun!
  • Secondary objectivey: improving your diving skills (we will be running wreck micro-workshops during the trip)
  • Additional objective: documentation – capturing photos, videos, descriptions and maybe photogrammetry materials to contribute to the available knowledge about local shipwrecks.

Here you can find a list of the wrecks in the area:


All divers from GUE REC1 or Fundamentals level are welcome.


Our dive center is located near the centre of Gdańsk. We provide standard gases (in this case Nx32). We can organise equipment if required – cylinders, weights and all the rest 🙂 .

Primary Plan: 5 days of diving from the boat:

  • 17 July 2024 – we leave the port in Gdańsk, dive near Hel and arrive to the port of Władysławowo.
  • 18-20 July 2024 – 2 dives a day from Władysławowo
  • 21 July 2024 – we come back to Gdansk with a dive on the way.

THORR is a former part-boat (WISLOKA class) of the Polish Maritime Border Guard, taken over by a private owner and adapted for diving expeditions. It is equipped with a lift, benches and a lot of space :-).


  • During your stay in Gdańsk, we can offer you budget rooms in our diving center for PLN 50 / night.
  • We arrange accommodation in Władysławowo individually.

Important note:
The weather at the Baltic Sea is very difficult to predict. We have to be flexible and adapt to weather conditions. What will we do if one day we can’t go out of the harbour? We will still dive on other wrecks that will be sheltered or in local lakes! We can also visit some of local attractions (see below).

One for sure – you won’t get bored 🙂


Between dives, we invite you to visit beautiful and interesting areas!


Kashubian Landscape Park:

Malbork Castle (40-minute drive from Gdańsk):


1 diving day: 650 PLN (1-2 dives)
Package 5 diving days: 2500 PLN

Prices include diving logistics and supervision.

Equipment rental for this trip is for PLN 25 per item/day.

Additional costs: gases, travel to Gdansk, accommodation.

Prices of gases:

  • Nitrox 32: 12 PLN for a single tank 12L 
  • Nitrox 32: 24 PLN for a twinset 2×12 


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Krzysztof Niecko

GUE T2 Diver, ISSF Full TMX Instructor, active wreck diver and GUE Gas Blender, president of the local diving club “Rekin”, Tecline Academy Trainer, co-founder of Ghost Diving Poland, co-owner of Dive House Baltic.

WhatsApp: +48 603 537 790

Bartek Trzcinski

GUE T2 Diver, GUE Instructor, Tecline Academy Trainer, co-founder of Ghost Diving Poland, co-owner of Dive House Baltic.

WhatsApp: +48 790 791 006