17-21 july2024

Baltic Wreck Week

minimal requirement: GUE REC1

Gdańsk/Władysławowo, Poland

1-7 July 2024

Kriegsmarine Shipwrecks Week

minimum requirements: GUE T1

Gdansk, Poland

13 June – 16 June 2024

Opole, Poland

27 June – 30 June 2024

Gdansk, Poland

18-24 March 2024

Project Baseline Islas Hormigas

Minimum requirement: GUE Fundamentals

Cabo de Palos, Spain

06-10 March 2024

Extended Weekend in Cabo de Palos

Rekreational diving, wreck diving and workshops for everyone from AOWD level!

Cabo de Palos, Spain

28 February – 2 March 2024

Cabo de Palos, Spain

24 February 2024

Cabo de Palos, Spain

21 February- 27 February 2024

Cabo de Palos, Spain

19 February – 25 March 2024

GUE Project Naranjito

Photogrammetry of the “Naranjito” wreck

Cabo de Palos, Spain

2-5 January 2024

Cabo de Palos, Spain

Dive House Baltic Event Calendar – here we show all the pre-planned dates and venues of our courses and trips.

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