Surely you can name at least three areas where you don’t feel completely confident as a diver. Buoyancy, decompression theory, emergency procedures…. this list can be really long. What if you took just a few days to become a fully competent and aware diver once and for all? Moreover, self-improvement can go hand in hand with participation in interesting diving projects. Our organisation was created to empower divers to pursue exploration, documentation and conservation of the aquatic environment.

GUE Fundamentals is the most popular training program of Global Underwater Explorers. “Fundies” are an introduction to the GUE system, addressed to divers previously trained in other organisations – regardless of their previous level of training.

Some divers use the Fundamentals course as a way to improve their skills and to systematise their knowledge. Others take this training as a ticket for joining various GUE projects. Many technical divers and even experienced instructors from other organisations take a Fundamentals Class in order to fine-tune their basic skills and/or access cave and technical training in GUE.

It is often the case that people with very different levels of experience take part in the same Fundamentals class. Interestingly, all the students always learn a great deal from each other – including the more experienced ones from their novice teammates! One of the most important components of this training is to build a team, functioning as one organism.

This makes every “Fundies” unique.


GUE Fundamentals course is addressed at all divers who haven’t yet participated in any GUE course. The curriculum provides:

  • improving skills and expanding knowledge about diving,
  • solid preparation for more advanced GUE training (Cave1, Tech1, Documentation, etc.),
  • getting ready to participate in various GUE projects such as Project Baseline, Ghost Diving and many others.


During the course you will master: standard GUE equipment configuration and functionality, perfect trim and buoyancy, advanced propulsion and manoeuvring techniques, teamwork and safety procedures such as gas sharing in various emergency situations together with ascent without a point of refference, executing safe decompression and signalling the place of ascent with a surface marker buoy. Underwater rescue techniques are an additional component of the training.

The course also covers theory and practice in the use of nitrox as well as an introduction to other standard gases used by GUE.

A candidate for the GUE Fundamentals program must:

  • Be at least 16 years old.
  • Be physically and mentally fit.
  • Be a non-smoker.
  • Be able to swim.
  • Be certified, at a minimum, as an autonomous entry-level scuba diver (or equivalent) from a recognized training agency.

The Fundamentals course program is designed for a minimum of four days. During the course we perform at least six dives and spend at least 30 hours on learning theory and dry runs.

Classes can be arranged anywhere with access to water and Nitrox 32 . We regularly organise classes in places such as:

  • Gdansk and surroundings, Poland
  • Opole (Kamionka Piast), Poland
  • Baza Nurkowa Honoratka, Poland
  • Croatia
  • Malta
  • Spain
  • Sardinia

You can check the dates and locations of upcoming classes in our calendar.
If you don’t see a date or venue that fits your calendar – please contact us so that we can agree on a plan of action that suits you best 🙂


An intensive 4-5 day course may not be the best option for everyone. For this reason, the GUE Fundamentals program is also available in a format split into Part 1 and Part 2.

During Part 1, divers learn about our equipment configuration, basic teamwork procedures, as well as perfecting their buoyancy control, position and kicking techniques. GUE Fundamentals Part 1 is a two-day program that allows you to approach Part 2 later on.

GUE Fundamentals Part 2 can be taken a few days, weeks or even months after completing Part 1. This gives you more time to practice and become more confident with the new skills and techniques.

During this three-day program, divers expand their skills and learn our safety procedures, problem-solving protocols, planning and executing minium deco dives and underwater rescue.

Passing Part 2 is equivalent to completing the full GUE Fundamentals course.


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I am keen for you to make a well-informed decision. We may find that you are looking for something completely different than the GUE system. If this is the case, I will be happy to direct you to another dive centre or instructor.